Cancer Screening

We understand the importance of early detection and prevention in the fight against cancer.

Our dedicated team is committed to offering comprehensive cancer screening services to detect and address various types of cancer effectively. We provide state-of-the-art screening methods and employ a multidisciplinary approach to ensure accurate diagnoses and timely interventions.

Our cancer screening services cover a wide range of cancers, including breast, cervical, colorectal, prostate, and lung cancer. We offer mammography, breast ultrasound, Pap smears, HPV testing, colonoscopy, fecal occult blood tests, PSA testing, digital rectal examinations, and low-dose computed tomography (CT) scans. These screenings play a crucial role in detecting cancer at early stages when treatment outcomes are generally more favorable.

At Healthbridge Specialists, we prioritize patient comfort and ensure a supportive environment throughout the screening process. Our compassionate and experienced healthcare professionals guide patients through the screening journey, providing education, support, and personalized care. We believe in empowering individuals to take control of their health and make informed decisions about cancer prevention and early detection.


Dr. Mukhtar Datti Ahmad

MB, BS MMedSci PGCMEd FRCS (England)

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Dr. Muhammad Saddiq


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